This Deshaun Watson rookie card value for 2017 rookie football cards is discussed here. Right now on eBay, a Deshaun Watson 2017 Donruss rated rookie NM-MT ungraded card recently sold for a value of $2.25 plus shipping. A graded gem mint 10 2017 Elite Deshaun Watson rookie card has a sold value of $28 as of October 2017 oon eBay as well. A 2017 Absolute Rookie Roundup card of Deshaun Watson went for $5.51. A 2017 Certified 3 color patch autograph of Deshaun Watson sold for about $167. As you can see, the value of Deshaun Watson rookie cards varies and right now he is very popular. He is expected to be great in the NFL and if he is, he may go up even more.

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