People are looking for different types of baseball cards to buy.  Some people have specific cards they are looking for and are either looking to resell them or are just collectors.  Others buy certain years and certain types of cards.  With the new types of cards that have come out in the recent years, there has been a surge in demand for sports card manfucturers' card memorabilia items.  Here are the answers to what type of baseball cards people buy.

There are different types of buyers for single cards or specific ranges of cards.  Some collectors may collect a particular player, such as Derek Jeter and may buy any card they can find of that player.  That could be true with card dealers as well as a dealer may have a customer who purchases all of the Albert Pujols cards that they can find.  So either selling to that dealer or that collector would enable you to sell all cards of that player to that person.  There are other collectors who know what cards they want (such as a 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card) and have a specific price they will pay for the card.  Our website has pictures of different types of cards and has a link to ebay baseball card auctions to show examples of how people sell their cards.  Also, on the Internet you can find buy lists of baseball card dealers that usually have an up to date want list including the price they will pay per card, per unopened box, or per set of cards.  Cards have to be in the condition the buyer specifies when selling them online.

Other collectors buy specific kinds of cards.  Basically, vintage cards are the most common type of card that you can sell to most card dealers.  If you have cards that are before 1980, (give or take a few years) those are considered vintage cards.  Those cards are highly in demand and even moreso when you get into the cards from the 1950's and before.  A 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card in top condition will command a premium price and is always very highly sought after.  This is one of the many examples in vintage cards where the cards commaond top dollar, even with cards that are considered commons as some are very rare.  There are many online price guides, some even that are free that will tell you in general what your cards may be worth.  Typing baseball card prices or performing an ebay search for a specific card can give you a great idea of what to expect for your vintage card.  Using the completed auction listing feature on ebay once you are a member is an even better tool as you can see what the auction ended at which is typically the exact amount of cash that the seller received for the card (not including ebay fees that are charged to the seller).

Memorabilia items that come in baseball and sports card packs have changed the sports card hobby.  There are now in almost every issue of card sets autographed cards, game worn jersey cards, game used bat cards and many other type of memorabilia items that are cut and fit onto a card.  These are highly sought after and some can be very rare.  Many are serial numbered and can be numbered as low as one out of one.  A one of one means that there are no other issues of that card and is a truly unique item.  Memorabilia is also highly sought after from reputable card companies because it offers instant authentication and is highly respectable.  If a card is authenticated by Topps, Upper Deck or a company like that, there is usually no issue with authentication as the card itself will contain company authentication on the card.  This makes the buyer feel secure in their purchase and helps them know for sure that there autograph or game used card truly is authentic.

Selling baseball and sports cards is fun and can bring in a lot of money depending on the type of cards you have.  How to sell baseball cards on ebay

Adding complete sets of cards to your collection, or holding on to your existing set in your collection is highly recommended.  These cards have great rookie cards and the former all star and hall of fame selection is typical of the 1980's and includes many good cards.  Traded sets and rookie and updated sets have great cards as well.  Thank you for reading this article, it was written by the site administrator.  For Topps Traded Sets, please visit this page (underlined).  For a great football card site, visit the highlighted phrase.