Walter Payton rookie football cards from Topps football are in the 1976 series.  The former Chicago Bears hall of fame running back was one of the greatest if not the greatest running backs of all time.  I am including on this page several of his item listings including memorabilia, jerseys, cards, and many other items. If for some reason a rookie card does not appear and that is what you are searching for, click on one of the items and then search through Ebay. If you are not a member yet, joining free is a great idea, simply click there to join also.

Listed on this page you will find many of his items currently listed on Ebay.  Make a great choice and with the large selection of similar items, you are assured to have a great opportunity to find one at a great price that is exactly what you are searching for.  There really is so much that can be said about Walter Payton.  He set numerous rushing records that Barry Sanders came along and challenged, as well as Emmitt Smith.  Regardless of who ends up holding those records, it is notable that Walter Payton was in the upper echelon of running backs and could be the greatest Chicago Bears football player ever.  Their team has a storied history so that speaks volumes and he is a strong member of the hall of fame.

Walter Payton was a New York Yankee legend and was very popular and well known.  It is paramount for a card collection to have his cards and the rookie can do wonders for your collection and make it an incredible one.  Happy shopping.