This article will focus on my vintage basketball card collection including Topps from the 1970's and 1980's, Star Company, and Fleer basketball cards.  Fleer and Star Company entered the market in the 1980's and those are among my favorite collectibles in existence, and this article will contains cards and pictures of James Worthy and Dennis Johnson Star Company cards from the 1980's. Vintage basketball cards in near mint or mint condition are highly sought after, and are worth premium values compared to cards in lesser condition.  Included on this page with the article and pictures are real-time listings of basketball rookie cards including vintage ones from the 1970's and 1980's when available.

James worthy Star Company basketball vintage cards.

First, the vintage basketball cards pictured above are 1983-84 Star company and 1985-86 Star company vintage basketball cards of James Worthy.  The yellow one is from teh 1983-84 Star All-Rookies set, #10.  The 1985-86 Star is from the Lakers team set in the regular issue, #33, and is short printed as all of the Lakers cards were that year.  These cards are both before his 1986-87 Fleer rookie card, and his xrc is in the regular issue Star Company 1983-84 set.

Next we have some more vintage basketball cards: Here is a Moses Malone rookie card from 1975-76 Topps basketball cards, #254 in the set and it is in near mint or mint condition, a superb card! 

This vintage basketball card is from when Moses Malone first played in the ABA, and his rookie card is highly sought after by collectors and has a current Beckett book value of $40 in this condition.  It is a very clean card and is one of my favorite basketball rookie cards.

  The card pictured just above here is a Dennis Johnson Boston Celtics Star Company short printed card from 1983-84 Star, where the Boston Celtics team set cards are very rare.  This card has a book value of $18 in near mint to mint condition.  It is one awesome basketball card!  It is card number 32 in the set.

Next we have a rookie card of George McGinnis from 1972-73 Topps basketball cards, #183.  This card is $10 in the price guide I believe, and it is in nice near mint condition.  This is a tough to come by vintage Topps basketball rookie card, and the former standout for the Indiana Pacers is a great vintage rookie to add to your collection.

Next we have an Adrian Dantley rookie card from 1977-78 Topps basketball.  He was a great scorer and could still gain entry into the hall of fame.  This vintage rookie basketball card is worth about $8.

Here we have a 1981-82 Topps rookie card of Kevin McHale, this is an awesome rookie of the former Boston Celtics great who teamed with Larry Bird.


To close the article out, we have three vintage basketball cards.  One is of Pete Maravich, from 1975-76 Topps basketball.  One is from Wilt Chamberlain from 1973-74 Topps basketball.  And finally, one is from Pat Riley from 1984-85 Star Company Miller Lite All Stars.

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