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This article is about valuable basketball cards including autographs, game jerseys, and older basketball card material from Star Company, Fleer, Bowman and Topps.  Fleer and Star Company entered the market in the 1980's and those are among my favorite collectibles in existence.  Clicking the banner above will take you to the home page of this community where you can join it simply by picking a username and entering your email address and choosing a password.

Kobe Bryant rookie basketball cards are a great place to start.  His basketball rookie cards received a welcomed increase in value last year when he won the Most Valuable Player award.  They had been dormant for awhile and last year saw a spike in value.  His rookie cards are very affordable, of course depending on how high end you want to go.  His Topps Chrome rookie card from 1996-97 is an awesome card, and anyone who wants to obtain his rookie cards and thinks they will go up in value will benefit from having this card in their collection.

Michael Jordan basketball cards from the 1980's are awesome!  His rookie cards in 1984-85 Star Company and 1986-87 Fleer are very valuable.  Michael Jordan is a legendary basketball player.  He won several championships with the Chicago Bulls and also won an Olympic Gold Medal more recently in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.  He was on the Dream Team and on what is widely considered to be the greatest basketball team ever assembled.  I thought that was worth noting as the Olympic Games will be set to start.  Hopefully the United States Olympic Team can draw on some of that greatness as they are about to embark on their mission to win another Gold for the country.

Bernard King was a scoring machine during his professional basketball playing days.  Unfortunately, a torn ACL slowed down his career and limited the number of games he played.  He has yet to be indicuted into the hall of fame, but in my opinion he still has a chance to get in.  He averaged a lot of points during his career and was frequently mentioned among the superstars of the game.

His basketball cards are relatively affordable.  I believe his rookie basketball card, from 1978-79 Topps Basketball, books at $7 in ungraded near mint condition.  That is what is booked in the Spring 2006 Beckett Plus price guide.  There are also autographed cards of him available if you can find them and they are not as expensive as bigger named superstars.  These cards are must-haves for any vintage basketball card collection.

Adrian Dantley is set to enter the hall of fame this year, and Bernard King hopefully will get in next year.  Vintage basketball cards of superstars are solid cards to have in your collection, in my opinion, and Bernard King is a solid name in the late 1970's and 1980's.  Consider adding him to your collection, along with any other cards from the 1978-79 Topps Basketball set, a relatively inexpensive one compared with even modern higher end sets of 2008.  Below, there is a page dedicated to Bernard King items currently on Ebay.

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