Upper Deck Exquisite Michael Jordan

Upper Deck Exquisite Michael Jordan basketball cards include some of the best and highest end Michael Jordan autographed basketball cards and multi-color patch cards with pieces of his game worn jerseys from the Chicago Bulls.  Here is a an additional web page including many of the items currently available from the high end Upper Deck Exquisite basketball card series including Lebron and MJ when available.   http://www.mybaseballcardspace.info/Upper_Deck_Exquisite_Basketball

Listed below are some of the Upper Deck Exquisite sports cards currently for sale on Ebay which hopefully will include some Michael Jordan cards, though those can be far and few inbetween based on limited supply.  Now is a great time to purchase these cards in my opinion as they are among the best sports cards in the world in terms of value, and with the economy struggling, the prices have not been this low in quite some time.  Make sure to get a great deal, a lot of the buy it nows are usually negotiable, try to get as good of a price as possible.

Here are some of the key attributes which make these Michael Jordan cards from the high end Upper Deck Exquisite a great deal in my opinion:

       - Cards in limited supply which offer some of the most famous and valuable recent cards of Michael Jordan

       - Upper Deck Exclusive autographs and game worn patches with multi-colored varieties of Michael Jordan with his valuable autographs.

       - You can find very rare 1 of 1 and parallels, autographs, jersey and mult-color jersey and patch cards of Jordan

       - Without regard to price, probably the best cards of Michael Jordan you can possibly buy in the newer years

If you are not a member of ebay, you can join by clicking a link below.  Get a good deal on the cards in time for the holidays!