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This sale features six cards from 2008-09 Ultimate Collection basketball cards and each are priced at $1.25 each.  There is one card available for each player: Oscar Robertson, Manute Bol, Kevin Johnson, Joe Johnson, Mo Williams, and Raymond Felton.

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These are great super premium cards that are serial numbered, and any or all of these would greatly improve the quality and scope of your basketball card collection.  Upper Deck Ultimate Collection basketball cards are known for their rarity and are among the most popular basketball cards in the world.

Here are the Ultimate Collection basketball cards listed in detail.  Each one is in pack fresh near mint to mint condition, and all are serial numbered.

2008-09 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Legends Kevin Johnson, #113 in the set and it is serial numbered 243/499.

2008-09 Ultimate Collection Mo Williams #79, serial numbered 321/499.

Joe Johnson #46, serial numbered 155/499.  Raymond Felton #23, serial numbered 400/499.  Ultimate Legends Manute Bol #107 serial numbered 467/499.

Finally, there is an Oscar Robertson Ultimate Legends #104, serial numbered 099/499 (wow, great deal!)

Each card is for sale currently for $1.25 plus shipping of $2.00.  There is only one available at this price and in total for each player.  They will be priced individually here so that if one of the six sells, that price will be pulled from this page and only the other five will remain.  If it is listed here, that means it is still available.  Click add to cart to purchase it now. My seller id on Ebay for past sales is mybaseballcardspace and I have a history of reputable transactions on there and in all my past card dealings, you are buying from a reputable source. Baseball cards has been my favorite hobby for many years.  You will receive the card or cards pictured, exactly. Each comes shipped to you in a top loader, a sleeve, sealed in a team bag, and in a bubble mailer.  There are tiered shipping prices, and there are significant shipping savings on multiple cards purchased at one time from this site (ie if you buy them all I will refund a lot of the extra shipping price).  The other sports and baseball cards from other products are listed at

Ultimate Collection Basketball cards - $1.25 each (the Manute Bol is in near mint to mint condition, the near mint on the menu price is an error, really nm-mt)  Please scroll to the bottom of the page for more of the card menu prices. 

2008-09 Ultimate Collection Manute Bol #107
Ultimate Collection Basketball Cards














2008-09 Ultimate Collection Kevin Johnson #113
2008-09 Ultimate Collection Mo Williams #79
2008-09 Ultimate Collection Joe Johnson #46
2008-09 Ultimate Collection Raymond Felton #23
2008-09 Ultimate Collection Oscar Robertson #104

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