Topps Finest Basketball cards were first produced in 1993-94 and that set contained rookie cards of Anfernee Hardaway and Chris Webber, along with the refractor parallels that started becoming increasing popular almost immediately.

The sets were great and are still produced, making it one of Topps best sets in my opinion in terms of consistency and it always being a quality basketball card set. 

Here at My Baseball Card Space, there is a free sports card community that all of you can join, and on the home page I have a 2006-07 Topps Finest Rudy Gay refractor rookie card pictured.  Click here for the free sports card community

If you want to buy some of the Topps Finest basketball cards, all of mine are for sale for full book value.  I do not give discounts from full book value and if you are trying to find some at discounted prices, Ebay is your best source as there are a lot of great deals on there if you want to pay less.  Click the link above to join Ebay free and you can start finding some of those bargains on both Topps Finest basketball rookie cards, insert cards, insert sets, complete sets, and/or unopened packs and boxes and cases.

Over the course of my collecting years, I have purchased many cards including a lot of Topps Finest basketball cards.  The best unopened item I purchased was a 2005-06 Topps Finest case and  I got a lot of great cards in that case including many gold refractors, rookies, inserts, and autographs and game worn jersey cards.

Here is a picture of a 2006-07 Topps Finest basketball Brandon Roy rookie card

To find other Brandon Roy rookie cards, click here.

I will go ahead and picture the Brandon Roy Topps Finest rookie card on this page so that you get an illustration of the quality of Topps Finest cards.  Also pictured is a Rudy Gay rookie refractor from the same year of cards.  The third picture is an 06-07 Finest Rajon Rondo rookie basketball card.  Finally, pictured is a LaMarcus Aldridge rookie card.  The 2006-07 Topps finest basketball card set is a great year for emerging rookies.

Brandon Roy Rookierudy gay rookierajon rondo rookieLaMarcus Aldridge

The 1995-96 Topps finest basketball card set contains rookie cards of Kevin Garnett and is highly sought after has Kevin Garnett's rookie card in that set is quite valuable, booking at a solid $60 in many instances.  As mentioned earlier on this article, if you want to buy any of these four cards or any other cards I have posted in my profile page at the home page community site, just join this site and post a message on the main message board of the home page and I will get back to you.  The price is full book value at the current book prices, which usually fluctuate when it comes to newer cards.  I hope you enjoyed this installment of the Topps Finest Basketball card set cards, more card pictures and articles will be added as time permits.

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