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This 2010 Topps Finest baseball (redemption card #7 which possibly could be Stephen Strasburg) rookie redemption baseball card price and value article is brought to you by My Baseball Card Space, a baseball card community dedicated to providing you with the resources to find your favorite rookie cards including ones from basketball. There is also the Talk Baseball Forum where you can get join in on the community of baseball and sports cards.  People are bidding up this card, this may be the Strasburg if the higher bidding on it is any indication. The current price and value of rookie redemption card number 7 from 2010 Topps Finest baseball cards will be discussed here. On June 15, 2010 at 12:08 pm pacific time, the card sold for $28 based on Ebay completed auction listings. This is the regular card also, and not the refractor or autographed version. This is a very high price relative to the other rookie redemption card numbers.

This card from the 2010 Finest baseball rookie redemption, #7, could possibly be Strasburg. This also can be said about redemption card numbers that have not yet been redeemed so please know that there is not yet certainty about any of these cards being Stephen Strasburg, because it still has yet to be announced by Topps and this announcement is highly anticipated by collectors.