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This 2010 Topps red hot rookie redemption card number 5 baseball card article is brought to you by the awesome baseball card community of  My Baseball Card Space, a baseball card network dedicated to providing you with the resources to find your favorite rookie cards including ones from basketball. There is the Talk Baseball Forum where you can get involved in the community of baseball and sports cards.  These cards are available in Topps 2010 baseball card packs where it indicates that it is possible to receive these cards. If you collect all 10 of them, you stand to get all of the players, including the coveted Stephen Strasburg 2010 card. The 2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie redemption program is here, with the cards being able to be redeemed through Topps. If you obtain the redemption cards before their expiration, you can still be the one to redeem them, even if you buy them on the secondary market through Ebay. This article is on card number 4, and the player is a mystery until Topps redeems the cards that are sent in. That makes it exciting as the suspense is there for which card number will correlate with which baseball card.

Here is a selection of 2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie cards, card #5 (which is a mystery player not yet known until the cards are redeemed), one of which may end up being Stephen Strasburg or Jason Heyward, or any of the other 10 players that will be included in the set. Are you going to receive the coveted Stephen Strasburg red hot rookie card with #5, or perhaps a card of Jason Heyward?

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