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There are different ways to store your cards.  You have to consider how much space you need, how much protection you need for your cards (your more expensive cards should be stored in better holders) and many other things.  For individual cards, there is binder storage available, individual card sleeves and holders and storage boxes.  Protecting your cards from damage is a great way to preserve their quality and is a key ingredient in preserving their value and is necessary in order to have cards in great condition.  Cards need to be in as good of condition as possible because as most of us know, the better the condition of your cards, the more they can be worth.

Considering how much space you need for storing your card collection is an idea to think about.  If you are just a personal collector like most of us are, you will not need to go to great lengths on this.  For a business or large collector, even a warehouse or storage area is an option because the cards simply cannot be housed easily.  For a physcal store owner, considering how to organize and store the cards at the physical store can provide a good place for them to have their cards right at their fingertips.  Also available for any type of collector is insurance for the storage of your cards, a relatively new option that is available as a way to preserve their value in case of damages beyond the control of the collector.  I do not know much about this option and would recommend that if someone wants to learn about it, to type it into a Google search to find out more. 

The best individual card holders in my opinion are either screwdown cases which fit one card, a combination of a card sleeve and a hard plastic holder that the sleeved card can fit in, or any other option that will protect the expensive individual card from damage.  There are also binders which can be purchased online, at card stores, or simply at an office supply store.  The pages cards are stored in are usually 9 card sleeve pages which can be purchased online or at your local store.  The cards can even be stored front and back if you are pressed for space and that would fit 18 cards per page.  I highly recommend that the card sleeves and pages that you get are PVC free because some of the first sleeves and pages produced have the pages stick to the cards and that can destruct the card.  Also, keeping the cards out of prolonged heat and/or sun is key.  Card cases can melt to the card, immediately damaging an otherwise expensive card.

In the current card market, cards need to be in top shape to command top dollar.  I highly recommend that you take the steps that you can in order to preserve your sports card collection.  To store boxes of sleeved and/or top loader or card saver holders filled with cards, there are "shoeboxes" and 3200 count and 5000 count boxes.  These are specifically designed for sports cards and can be purchased from card stores or online at places like ebay.  These are recommended over your average shoebox given to you when purchasing shoes because the cards do not slide around.  This can prevent accidental damage from the cards sliding around in the box.  I learned this from my own experience from cards, in my opinion you should pay the extra money for the appropriate box, especially if you are storing good cards in the boxes.
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