Listed on this page are signed collectibles from all of your favorite sports superstars.  Collectibles include a wide variety of different things besides sports items, but since I do not know much about anything besides sports autographs, I will let you find those on your own using the Ebay links below.  Collectibles that are signed in sports include baseball autographs, basketball signed merchandise, football autos, soccer, hockey and even tennis items.  There are many different types of signed materials that you can get such as game used merchandise like balls and jerseys signed, sports cards signed, plaques, 8x10 photos, Upper Deck Authenticated material and memorabilia and so many more things.

For this holiday season, allow this site to be your source for your holiday gift items when they pertain to autographs.  In particular, the opportunity exists on this page to browse listings of many popular baseball players signing authentic baseballs.  I say authentic, but without being able to certify them myself or vouch for their authenticity, I would recommend that you select from a seller on Ebay who has a good reputation and provides authentication for their items from a well known source.  This could be from a major sports card manufacturer such as Topps, Donruss, Upper Deck, Playoff, Leaf, etc. and/or a reputable autograph authenticator such as PSA/DNA and GAI who also grade sports cards.  It is imperative that you get authentic merchandise because if you do not take much care to find that, you risk getting fraudulent items.

Some of the major sports that have autographs are baseball, basketball, hockey and football.  There are helmets you can get autographed, official game balls signed, jerseys worn and unworn and official and unofficial as well as cards with pieces of game worn jerseys from the players and/or autographs obtained from packs.  There are unopened boxes of sports cards that contain memorabilia items as well as autographs that are of bigger pieces and there are even redemptions in cards sometimes for those larger items.  It all depends on the year the item was issued and what is offered.  On this page, you can find many items so good luck and happy shopping!