Listed on this page are signed baseballs from all of your favorite baseball hall of famers and current superstars from Willie Mays to Brooks Robinson, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols. This site typically specializes in bringing you baseball cards and autographed memorabilia from sports card manufactured items, but on this page we overlap a bit with autographs that are just on major league baseballs. 

On this page you can find many autographed official Major League licensed baseball autographs.  You can find many players from the great hall of famers from the 1960's to today's current stars.  It is a great feeling to have a signature from your favorite player growing up and/or your current favorite player as you have an authentic piece of signed memorabilia that holds value in the market to some extent as well as holding more value to you as a fan.

On Ebay, if you are purchasing one today, you will want to make sure that your autograph is authentic.  Picking a baseball signed that is authenticated by Upper Deck, PSA/DNA or GAI or an equivalently reputable source of authentication assures that you indeed do have an authentic autograph.  This is important as there are many fraudulent sellers on Ebay who will continue to sell fraudulent items until they are caught and kicked out.

If you have not yet joined Ebay to find your autographed baseballs this holiday season, feel free to click the links below and join because it is free.  I did all of the searching for you below as all of the best current Ebay auctions are listed below specifically tailor-made for your specific needs.  Please allow us to be your source for authentic merchandise;  you can find some listed below currently for sale on Ebay that can give you a great Christmas present for the holidays.