Hi Everyone, Today I wanted to focus on nothing but the members of My Baseball Card Space. The following is how to take advantage of your membership and buy and sell your cards free (click here to register free):

For initial soliciting of buyers and/or sellers for your products, using the main message board on the home page when you log in is a great idea. You can post there and then see who responds. You can respond to someone by sending them a message in their profile. You can also mark it as a private message that no one but you two can see when you are hammering out the details of your deals. Make sure to log in often to check your profiles for new messages, especially those of you that have been doing dealings already and/or are soliciting offers.

When agreeing to a deal, using a third party pay service such as Paypal is a great idea. I recommend Paypal, it is all I use. With Paypal, to hold the other party to their end of the deal (such as giving you the cards they promise), pay with a credit card. Call your card company if they don't give you what was promised and dispute the charge. Tell them what happened and they will probably refund your money. Also, for an additional small fee you can buy buyer satisfaction guaranteed through Paypal if you are using bank funds. At least you could before, I haven't checked lately. I do not guarantee transactions nor will I do anything for you if someone rips you off. Since this is a free service, I have no controls in place to help you out. Dealing online has gotten easier though and I am sure with a little effort you can hold anyone to their end of the deal on here. 98% of the time or more you never have to worry about that though, I'm just saying. Happy dealings, see you all at the site.

This article was written by the site owner and administrator of My Baseball Card Space