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This Score 1990 baseball cards article is brought to you by My Baseball Card Space, a baseball card community dedicated to providing you with the resources to find your favorite rookie cards including ones from sets new and old. Also, above this paragraph on the banner, you can see many articles and those are from this site, you can read all of the 330 site articles free as well, to learn many more facts about sports cards and baseball cards and sports in general. This article will focus on 1990 Score baseball cards including rookie cards of Sammy Sosa, Bernie Williams, Frank Thomas, and cards of current and future hall of famers. There also is the My Baseball Card Space Forum where you can post messages to members, comment on items posted, and find trading partners to buy, sell and trade your sports cards.  Baseball card collections easily are bought and sold here and if you browse the pages, you will find many things to do here and the community is free for everyone to join.  The home page of the sister site, which has article summaries of my baseball card space, is also a great place to locate your favorite unopened boxes and collectibles.

I had been opening some unopened boxes of 1990 Score Baseball recently and have gotten some great cards.  This is a great year of cards because of the rookies, which include Frank Thomas, Sammy Sosa, Juan Gonzalez, Larry Walker, Bernie Williams and many other potential and future hall of famers.  There are key second year cards of Ken Griffey Jr. along with Curt Schilling as well as the regular star and hall of famer cards of Cal Ripken Jr., Nolan Ryan, George Brett and many others.  I will be opening another box later today and will post some of the cards that I receive in that box so that everyone can see what a great value boxes are because they are really inexpensive.  I cannot imagine them always being this inexpensive, though many people would disagree with me on that.  I have opened most of the unopened boxes that I have from this year and have put the great rookie cards away for safe keeping.  These are wonderful cards.  The Ryne Sandberg highlight card #561 has an error that has a high book value.  Bo Jackson has a card that has a pose of him with a baseball bat and in shoulder pads in a black and white colored card with dual sport features, card #697 in the set, which has always been a popular card.

1990 Score baseball cards offer a unique and compelling value currently, in my opinion, as they are very affordable at around $10 per box in routine sales on Ebay, or less, based on what I have seen in closing auction prices.  An unopened wax box of 1990 Score contains 36 packs, with about 540 cards per box.  Some boxes in the case I opened contained two Sammy Sosa rookie cards, two Frank Thomas rookie cards, etc.  Some boxes did not contain any, and there were more than two in a few cases of some of the best cards.  The hall of famer and future hall of famer selection is incredible, as this is one of those years that had the great hall of famers already inducted, ones that will be very soon such as Ken Griffey  Jr, and then also rookie cards of probable future ones in many instances such as Frank Thomas and possibly Sammy Sosa and Bernie Williams.  If you would like to see a picture of Sammy Sosa's rookie card, there is one on the home page of this site, though it is the 1990 Fleer one.

One neat thing with these packs that you can do is if you are opening the boxes from a sealed case of 1990 Score baseball cards, you can see the card on the top and on the back of the packs.  Selling packs after doing this is unethical, however, and I suggest not doing that.  I opened all of the other packs, but kept the ones sealed that I found some Sammy Sosa rookie cards on top of, as well as some of the other great players.  It is awesome as I now have packs unopened with some of the best cards showing, a great keepsake and collectible from this set that cannot be done with the 1990 Topps packs.

Here are rookie cards of the greatest basketball player ever who also dabbled in baseball, Michael Jordan

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For now, this will consist of this page's list of rookie baseball cards, with more to follow soon.

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