This page will focus on Rod Carew baseball cards and has the 1967 Topps Rod Carew rookie card (#569 in 1967 Topps) listings that can be found on eBay currently.  Rod Carew was an outstanding player and batter in the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's and is a hall of famer.  He still remains a very popular player for collectors young and old alike.  He is very well known, though not quite up there in the category of Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose, Nolan Ryan, and others, but very close.  His ability to put together a stellar career with many seasons of great hitting lead to him being inducted into the baseball hall of fame and his baseball cards, including his 1967 Topps rookie and 1968 Topps second year card, are great investments for vintage baseball rookie cards.

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1967 Topps rookie cards of Rod Carew, #569, would be considered by me to be his best card in existence.  Though in recent sets he will have autographs, game worn jersey cards, rare parallel cards including 1 of 1's and whatnot, a high graded version of his rookie card (say a PSA 10 or BVG 9.5 or 10) would have to take the cake for the best card of this hall of famer.  It is a great investment and listed below are ones currently for sale (when available for sale) on Ebay.

When mentioning 1968 Topps baseball cards, Nolan Ryan rookie cards are the best cards in that year's set.

1968 Topps second  year cards of Rod Carew, #80 in the set, are great cards.  I like the card because it says Topps All-Star rookie with the trophy on it.  If you get this card, it is close to a rookie card as it is the second year, and still a great card to have.  You can get a good deal on it and is a wise choice if you are not willing to fork out a high price for a top graded or high grade rookie card.  Also, buying cards in say very good or good condition can save even more money, both his rookie cards and second year cards get much more affordable if you would like a card in lesser condition just to have in your collection.  If you have an opportunity to get Nolan Ryan's 1968 Topps rookie card, it likely is a good idea because he, along with Johnny Bench from that year, are the two key rookie cards to have in that set.  Also, compared to other years of rookies, Rod Carew has to be considered one of the top rookies to have of those years.  His popularity in the hobby has and will likely be as high as ever when people want to collect the greats that are retired and in the hall of fame.