This article features a 2002 Playoff Honors Randall Cunningham certified authentic autographed football card, and it is in strong near mint to mint condition.  Please note, I already sold this card to a lucky buyer, it no longer is available as I don't have another one.

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This is a great certified authentic football card autographed by Randall Cunningham, who enjoyed a great NFL football career and this card was from when he played for the Baltimore Ravens.  It was obtained from an unopened box and pack, and went straight to a top loader after being put in a penny sleeve, and it will be shipped to you in this manner after being sealed in a team bag as well as in a bubble mailer.

I highly recommend purchasing this fantastic autographed football card for your collection.  As of August 31, 2010, this card is still for sale and will be listed here until it sells.

This 2002 Playoff Honors Honorable Signatures Randall Cunningham autograph, #HS-6 in the set, is for sale currently for $10.00 plus shipping of $2.00.  The card is in near mint to mint condition and is very clean as it came from an unopened pack.  Click add to cart to purchase it now. My seller id on Ebay for past sales is mybaseballcardspace and I have a history of reputable transactions on there and in all my past card dealings, you are buying from a reputable source.  It is the card pictured, exactly. It comes shipped to you in a top loader, a sleeve, sealed in a team bag, and in a bubble mailer.  There are tiered shipping prices, and there are significant shipping savings on multiple cards purchased at one time from this site.  The other cards will be organized better soon to find them all. 

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