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Here on this page is a great resource on how to find a public accounting job.  This site can help both employers and employees find staff and can help workers find the right job.  There is even a forum at this site http://www.mybaseballcardspace.info/forums   where you can look for employment free.  This specific article will highlight the benefits of a career in public accounting.

Public accounting isn't for everyone.  To succeed in public accounting you first need to complete four or five years of university study (to become a professional employee in a public accounting firm) and in order to become a partner, in many instances you will need to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  You have the opportunity to join a challenging industry and there are not dull moments at work.  You will be working on a variety of different projects most likely, especially in the beginning of your career, and you will gain knowledge and expertise in whichever areas you choose to embark on.  Of course, it all depends where you start working.

Let's get into some of the different types of public accounting firms you can work for.  There are the large global firms such as Deloitte and then there are large regional firms and national firms such as BDO Seidman.  There are firms that have offices in more than one state, and/or more than one office in town.  Then there are smaller firms that have say 20 employees.  There are even smaller firms with say 10 employees.  Then there are sole practitioners where there is only one CPA operating the office and he or she usually has a paraprofessional or an intern as well as a secretary.  Based on your selection of the type of firm you wish to begin your career in, that will determine the type of assignments you will be working on.  Speak with the representative from the firm you are interviewing with for more information about choices you have in these arenas.

Of course, the education and work requirement is huge.  Public accounting firms, once you begin working as a full-time professional, typically demand a work schedule that includes working more than 40 hours from the period of mid-January through April 15th (tax season) and/or at other various busy times of the year.  There are two basic fields in public accounting that you can choose to specialize in:  audit and tax.  If you are in a tax department, you will mostly work on taxes and if you are an auditor, you will mostly work on audits.  Once you have passed the CPA exam, you are required to obtain continuing education based on your specific state's requirements.

Public accounting is not an easy job.  If you look at the benefits of it though and couple it with the work, you will find that it can offer you rewards that surpass the work that you have to put into it, if you are patient with it and have a long-term mindset and you are willing to handle a touch of stress at times.  You will meet many helpful and nice people in your career and in the coming years, with increased regulation and public oversight as well as the ISB standards for global transparency in financial reporting, you probably would be hard-pressed to find a better career.  A consensus of opinion says that a majority of the accountants set to retire consist of a larger number of accountants than the younger ones filling their vacancies.  That provides further incentive as the same amount or more of the work will have to be done.  Get to it, good luck, and do not be overwhelmed as you start work, there are a lot of managers and partners that will be more than happy to help you learn the ropes.

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To land that perfect job in business, you have to be qualified.  You also have to be able to present yourself in a professional manner with dress, appearance, and actions.  You are your best asset and you are your best salesperson.  If you cannot make someone believe that you have the ability to help their company, why do they need you.  They don't, and you will get passed over for someone that better fits their needs.  A long look in the mirror finding your strengths, which everyone has, and stressing those, while minimizing blunders and weaknesses, is sure to impress your interviewer in this fast paced business world we live in today.  Happy job hunting.

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