Find great vintage cards here. This article features Pete Maravich rookie basketball cards from 1970-71 Topps basketball cards, #123 in the card set that has an ungraded value of $300 per the Beckett Plus that I have here. Included are the highly sought after graded versions from PSA and BGS (BVG for vintage cards I believe).

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You can find real-time listings here of auctions for the 1970-71 Topps basketball highly sought after Pete Maravich rookie card as he is one of the better (along with Dr. J) rookie basketball cards from the 1970's or for any year. Pete Maravich was a very popular player.  He was a force for the Jazz in scoring and it is rare to find someone in the NBA 9or ABA back then) that could score with the ease that Pistol Pete could.  This tall card set from 1970-71 is also difficult to find in top condition.  This factor also leads to his rookie cards being more valuable if they are near mint or better in condition.  Finding one in near mint condition is a great addition to a basketball card collection.  When you want to look at one of the top rookie basketball cards of all time, look no further, you have one right here.

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