This article will present a selection of 2011 football cards from Panini featuring the Gold Standard Gridiron Gold insert cards, some of which have game worn jerseys on them, some have both a jersey and autograph, and others have a piece of authentic 14k gold. The 14k gold cards are serial numbered to 10 cards.  You will find them here listed in real-time. Enjoy. 

The following are some of the players that I see listed for you for the Gridiron Gold cards along with what type of cards they are. There is a 2 color game worn jersey patch card of Peyton Manning serial numbered to 25 cards, a regular game worn jersey card of Peyton Manning serial numbered to 299 cards, a 2011 Gold Standard Tom Brady 14k gold piece card serial numbered to 10 and a Gridiron Gold jersey card of him serial numbered to 99 cards, and quite a few other 14 karat gold cards serial numbered to 10 cards, among others. These 14k gold cards are hard to come by as there are only 10 produced of each of them this year in 2011. In basketball they made a few more of them, though with these being rarer it likely increases their resale value for collectors to some degree. Enjoy.