This article will present a selection of football basketball Panini Gold Standard 14k (14 karat real gold on some of the limited cards in addition to the autograph, wow!) autographed cards of various players. These are incredible cards and have authentic pieces of real 14k gold on them. You can find top notch players in these such as Walter Payton, Kobe Bryant, and Julius Erving Dr. J. These will be the 14K autographed cards that do not contain a piece of gold on them. In addition to those, you will find others that have both an autograph and a piece of 14K gold on them, making them really fun, valuable, and rare.  You will find them here listed in real-time. Enjoy. 

The following are some of the players that I see listed for you for the 14k autographs that also have a piece of gold on them. Matt Cassell, #ed out of 10 including a piece of gold; Jack Twyman autograph, Larry Bird autograph (I see one listed for you right now), Rod Strickland, Grant Hill, and many more. Enjoy.