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Opening baseball card packs is a fun hobby and it can get you some of your favorite rookie cards and autographs and here at My Baseball Card Space, you can find all of your favorite unopened rack packs, cello packs, wax packs, unopened boxes, cases, and much more.  While you are here, please take a moment to subscribe to the rss news feed as it is free and there are tons of great sports card articles for you to read. There are different kinds of sports card packs that you can purchase including vintage cards, ones from the 1980's and 1990's, as well as the newest ones which are released each season by many different sports card manufacturers.

Right here are many in-depth articles and posts relating to some of the most valuable and expensive and best baseball cards around including the 1950's Topps baseball cards and Donruss baseball cards, as well as autographs and rookies of today's best players such as Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, and many more.  You will also find updated listings categorized to many specific players, sets, years, and types of cards, and you also will find a general overview of the most popular items at any given time.  To start here, there are unopened wax boxes listed in detail along with more product specific pages at

For those of you that are just getting into collecting baseball cards and sports cards, unopened wax packs, cello packs, etc. are a great way to get a random assortment of cards.  A wax pack typically contains 7-15 cards, with older topps packs usually containing 15 cards.  A cello pack has more cards, about 28.  Rack packs typically contain 42 or 45 cards, with Topps usually having more than Donruss.  There are also super packs like blister packs and rack packs that have 100 cards, those are great packs!

 The best thing about unopened packs and boxes is that they contain a random assortment of cards.  That means that the best and most valuable cards that you would want to get in the set of that year's cards are possible in the packs, all the way up to the current rare 1 of 1 cards of the most high end cards you can get in the packs.  That is a lot of times that only way that you can get particular cards in the set, unless someone is selling that card by itself as a single, in which case Ebay is your best opportunity to get a great deal on the cards.

For some example, in 1993 Upper Deck baseball cards, you can get rookie cards of Derek Jeter, who is the best possible rookie card in that set.  In unopened packs, you could get many of them, such as 3 or more in a box.  That is not always likely, but it is possible.  Collectors tend to like the possibility of getting many rookies in one pack, it does get exciting when you start getting lots of great cards in a box.  Make sure to visit our home page for more sports cards


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