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1992 Bowman baseball cards include the Bowman Mike Piazza rookie card.  1992 Bowman Mike Piazza rc cards are one of his only true rookie cards and with him a hall of famer, they are great cards for your collection.  1992 Fleer Update also has a nice rookie card of Mike Piazza, albeit an extended version. Piazza had a great playing career with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets and from this limited set, he and Manny Ramirez are two of the top rookies among a slew of many others.  Listed below are his items currently available on Ebay. 

Finding a 1992 Mike Piazza rookie baseball card has never been easier. You have to look back at some of the greatest players for the Mets and Dodgers and I think many agree that Mike Piazza is right up there. He is in the hall of fame after all, as a result. Back in the 1990's, his rookie cards were mildly popular, and at some point they just took off much higher. Initially, Mike Piazza 1992 Bowman rookie cards were not the key ones to have in the set, neither were Mariano Rivera rookie cards. That just goes to show you that the value of cards can increase many years later in an unexpected fashion. Please consider using the links here to add to your sports card collection.

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