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Some of the best Topps Finest basketball cards of Michael Jordan include refractors, such as his 1993-94 Topps Finest inaugural refractor card. A Michael Jordan 1993-94 Topps Finest basketball card is listed here for sale for only $4 plus shipping of $2, and the book value of this card is $12, providing you with a 50% discount from book value including shipping.

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The Michael Jordan basketball card here from 1993-94 Topps Finest is priced to sell at only $4 as it is a super premium card of his from 1993-94 Topps Finest basketball cards, one of the most sought after basketball card sets of the early to mid 1990's as Topps Finest was their highest quality set in 1993-94.


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The Michael Jordan card pictured, 1993-94 Finest #1(near mint to mint condition), is for sale currently for $4.00 plus shipping of $2.00. Click add to cart to purchase it now. My seller id on Ebay for past sales is mybaseballcardspace and I have a history of reputable transactions on there and in all my past card dealings, you are buying from a reputable source.  It is the card pictured, exactly. 

1993-94 Topps Finest Michael Jordan #1

1993-94 Finest #1 Jordan