Michael Jordan Upper Deck Exquisite multi color game worn jersey patch cards are presented here. The Upper Deck Exquisite Collection autographed basketball cards of Michael Jordan can also have a game worn jersey patch on them, and a selection of them can be found here updated in real-time. You can not go wrong with these high end Jordan autographs, as many have gone up in value over the years. Here are some basic MJ items that are not cards in their entirety, just basic jerseys and collectibles.

As you look on this page for your Michael Jordan autograph, there will only be Michael Jordan logoman cards.  1986-87 Fleer Basketball cards have the Michael Jordan rookie.

1984-85 Star Company cards have the basketball xrc (first rookie card) of Michael Jordan.  They are not easy to find to say the least.  Here are random Star Company listings and I see currently that there are Jordans listed right now. When purchasing these cards, bagged sets are the way to go if you can find one. 

Michael Jordan autographs are excellent additions to basketball collections.  Happy shopping.