Matt Forte rookie cards are a great investment after his super start with the Chicago Bears.  According to the news I read, he is the first Chicago rookie running back to start his first game since Walter Payton.  If he becomes that kind of runner, he will be one of the greatest football players ever and his cards should certainly be worth more than they are now. As we are into 2105 now, Forte is certainly a force to be reckoned with and he is on track to become a future NFL hall of famer.  

It seems that rookies have an easier time starting out in their first year when they are running backs.  He can certainly make an impact that even a seasoned veteran would make on a team if he continues rushing like he did in the first game.  The Indianapolis Colts probably were surprised that he was able to have such a great debut and reigning defensive player of the year Bob Sanders certainly had his hands full.

For the end of the season rookie of they year honors, Forte stands a chance to win especially if the Bears go on to have a great season.  Out of the different first year players this season, he stands among the head of the class.  He is one of the best investments going forward right now, either his cards or memorabilia including autographs and game worn items as well as official NFL merchandise.

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