This rookie basketball card article features the highly sought after rookie basketball card of both Magic Johnson and Larry Bird (on the same card, Wow!) from 1980-81 Topps basketball three panel cards. This rookie card is outstanding and there are two of the best players in the world who ever played basketball with it being both of their rookie cards.  This is the ultimate investment card for these two players because it has both Magic and Bird true rookie cards on the same card, along with Dr. J.  This was amazing for Topps to include both of these fantastic players on the same card.  By themself, their rookies would be very valuable.  Considering the value of key rookie cards from this era, such as a Joe Montana rookie card, the value of this card can be considered affordable.  One of these cards in near mint condition will cost about $100 or so whereas a rookie card such as Joe Montana will cost $70 in near mint condition.  A great deal can be found on this card here.

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