This article presents Luke Babbit rookie autographed basketball cards from Upper Deck and basketball card sets, including the rare parallel cards that will feature NBA Logoman cards, as well as rare parallel autos numbered to 5 cards or even 1 of 1's. This will include Upper Deck Draft Edition autos, Exquisite Collection, as well as Ultimate Collection. Luke Babbit has made a great debut in the NBA Summer League this year for the Portland Trailblazers and after his first game, looks to be a solid NBA rookie for this upcoming season.

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You can find real-time listings here of awesome 2010-11 basketball cards including rookie baseball cards of Patrick Patterson as well.

Get the rookie autograph basketball cards of Luke Babbit here at My Baseball Card Space, and you will find all of the cards from Panini and Upper Deck basketball cards sets from 2010-11. The basketball card sets that should be available include: Upper Deck Draft Edition basketball, and many more sets to come later in the year. Some of the early edition autographs are as follows: 2010-11 Upper Deck Draft Edition Basketball: Gold parallel autograph /199, copper parallel autograph out of 99 cards, blue parallel auto /25, green auto /5, and then there are more to come starting with Exquisite and Ultimate Collection including rare rookie autographs as well as NBA Logoman cards as available. Find all of the Luke Babbit Upper Deck autographs from his rookie year of 2010-11 here.

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