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Looking ahead to the Summer Olympic Games in 2012 in London, England, here are some of the players and things I expect to see from the Team USA men's basketball team.  It is early to predict who will be on the roster because of decisions as to whether players will want to play, injuries, retirements, upcoming rookies and many other factors that will influence those decisions.  In the upcoming paragraphs I will go ahead and express my early predictions for these Games.

The London Summer Olympics offers the United States Men's Basketball Team an opportunity to repeat as the Gold Medal winners.  This should not be an opportunity that they take for granted as it was a difficult journey to get back atop the world championship basketball world.  They lost in several competitions before putting together an incredible series of games marked by consistency and determination.  The final game was not easy though, and it certainly was not a blowout victory.  This should provide the team, whoever is on it, with enough motivation to once again put together another great performance capped with a Gold Medal.

I expect some of the same players to return.  Most of all, the nucleus including Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh along with Dwight Howard I expect to see.  I call them the center of the team because I expect players such as Jason Kidd and Kobe Bryant to have less of a chance of playing.  I would imagine that Jason Kidd will have retired within the next four years and Kobe Bryant will be entering the latter part of his career.  Whether he considers another Olympic voyage to be among his top priorities at that time remains to be seen.  I also think that there will be players on the next team that are either rookies or second year players now or who will emerge within the next few years.

The 2012 Games in the Summer in London, England are going to be maginificent.  Perhaps the Queen of England will even attend the Games.  It should be a masterful display worthy of competing against the magnificent Games put together in Beijing, though being able to put together a better show than those Games will take a lot of effort and resources.  It will be a challenge to duplicate and even more of a challenge to best.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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