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Kobe Bryant came into the NBA during the 1996-97 basketball season, in the draft class that also included NBA scoring champion Allen Iverson.  He was originally drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, and was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers immediately.  His rookie basketball card is included in 1996-97 basketball card sets.  He has evolved into an NBA championship player as well as an MVP, and he first won the NBA championship as a teammate of Shaquille O'Neal and played a supporting role in comparison to the dominant Shaquille O'Neal.   For Kobe Bryant rookie basketball cards please click here.

After the Los Angeles Lakers let Shaquille O'Neal go due to free agency, Kobe Bryant was ready to step in and become the centerpiece that the Lakers were built around.  He proved that he still can with an NBA Championship without Shaquille O'Neal, as he led the Lakers to more than one title since then and they currently are the defending NBA champions this year.  Phil Jackson has been instrumental in helping Kobe Bryant to reach his potential as a player, and it is rare to see a player come along that is as special as him.

Many years of success on the basketball court has helped Kobe Bryant to become the best player in the world according to many people, and he is still going strong this year and is a consistent threat to win the NBA MVP award as well as the scoring title.


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