This article will present a 2010-11 rookie autograph basketball card article of Kevin Seraphin from 2010-11 Panini basketball cards including autographs with game worn jerseys from Prestige, Timeless Treasures, Studio, Absolute Memorabilia, as well as other cards from Panini basketball, and will include rare parallel cards as well as a value price list for your basketball card values, since you can see the prices here in real-time to know how much you can buy and sell these cards for.

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You can find real-time auctions of 2010-11 Panini autographs from Panini Prestige, Threads, and Studio including Prestigious Picks autographs, rookie serial numbered Panini autographs, and more from Kevin Seraphin's rookie year of 2010-11 basketball cards.

Listed here in real-time are the best items.

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There is not likely to be a game worn jersey card of Kevin Seraphin in 2010-11 Upper Deck Draft Edition, but in Panini Prestige there will be a likely game worn rookie year jersey card of Kevin Seraphin. Let's go Kevin Seraphin, let's go.

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