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This page will review and provide a summary of Michael Jordan Nike Air Jordans Retro 5 shoes including their value as to how much they are worth if you want to buy a pair. These were and are still great shoes that came out years ago but that have been marketed again and can still be purchased. I see one pair on the current listings that is used and the current bid is $35. In new condition and unworn, I think that the shoes are worth about $100, that is my guess. If you shop around and if one is listed with a low start price in an auction, I think that $100 is a fair price for these particular shoes. Based on the listings here though, you can probably get them for less than $100 if you find a deal in your size, as there is one size 11 listed below currently that has a $67 minimum bid with no current bids, so please make sure to find a great deal when you can.

My baseball card space will be providing an in-depth look at many Michael Jordan Nike Air Jordan shoes encompassing a vast array of different styles.  Bookmarking the home page of this site is a great way to access all of the articles free and subscribing to the news feed will ensure that you are updated daily when more things are added.

The Air Jordans Retro 5 have a different look to them than the previous four Jordans that came before them.  I remember in days past, I did not get pair of these so I don't remember exactly what they look like and they do not look as familiar to me as some of the other Jordans.  They are great shoes because of the value they have from Michael Jordan's career, and when you find your favorite style of them, you can get a great deal on them right through the page of this site.  The classic shoes that came out in the first issues of Air Jordans are great, this is one that you may remember more of than me, but on the other pages of this site where the other verions are, I provided a more in-depth opinion of them.  These shoes do not go out of style as they were in style many years ago and are still at the cutting edge of style today. 

Also, there are several items on this page that can be purchased from Michael Jordan items from his basketball cards including rookies from the 1980's.

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