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James Worthy autographs can be found here, including in card sets and on memorabilia items that are authenticated. He was an outstanding basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers during their title run years in the 1980s.  He was a top player on the team and is most likely recognized as their third best player next to Magic and Kareem.  He is a former North Carolina Tarheel who, along with Michael Jordan, helped the team to a national championship.  He was considered a strong professional prospect, as was Michael Jordan.  At certain times in their career, it would not surprise me if he was considered a better player than MJ.  That does not mean that Worthy did not live up to his potential, it means that #23 exceeded probably every basketball expectation placed on him by unfathomable measures.

There are a lot of autographed James Worthy basketball cards available, and they can be found here. 

He had a great playing career and will be remembered as a key starter that helped the championship team.  He certainly was an integral part of the showtime era for the Los Angeles Lakers.  The unit knew how to play like a team and make sure to operate effectively.  This dominance in the 1980s was unrivaled except by the Boston Celtics and later in the 1980s, the Pistons began to emerge.  The Bulls followed then after and defeated Los Angeles finally in the 1990s to win a championship.  That began their dynasty, which is right up there with the best of the best.  You will find on this page below, links to items from these players.

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 All in all, these players on the L.A. team during the 1980's were incredible, more will be written soon about them on our site.  You can subscribe to our rss feed for the site below and join our main community at   for free if you would like.

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