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Here on this page is a great article arguing against the use of income tax preparers who are not qualified to prepare income taxes.  This article can help people understand what can make an income tax preparer possess suitable skills in order to perform their job appropriately.  There is even a forum at this site http://www.mybaseballcardspace.info/forums   where you can look for employment free.  This specific article will highlight the benefits of having your income taxes prepared by someone who understands not only the software, but also the details that go into the numbers.

I recently heard a disturbing story on National Public Radio in regards to income tax preparation outlets being staffed with people that were not trained to prepare federal income taxes.  The story went on to also indicate that it was very easy to open up a tax preparation center without having to prove that one is qualified to do so.  I certainly agree with what the story said about how people should not have to pay to have their taxes done by someone who does not understand how to prepare them where they would pay about the same amount of money to have a CPA or an enrolled agent prepare them.

Most income tax preparation centers or accounting offices use some type of software to prepare the federal income tax returns in the United States.  This eliminates a lot of the paperwork and allows preparers to input the return and prepare it easier than if they were write it on paper.  A key element of this preparation though is an understanding of the tax law and/or the current situation of the taxpayer so that the preparer can understand the numbers that go into someone's return, so that if there is an error or if something claimed by the taxpayer is incorrect, it is easily recognizable.  A lack of regard for this knowledge can lead to inadvertent errors on tax returns as well as a large number of fraudulent returns. 

A person that is knowledgable to prepare tax returns has to pass a test administered by the Government in order to be licensed to prepare income tax returns.  A CPA and an enrolled agent has this knowledge and is legally authorized to prepare returns as they prove when passing their test that they understand the law enough to be able to prepare someone's return.  Anyone without this knowledge can easily use software to prepare a return that looks decent and has numbers in the right boxes, but they are likely not capable of understanding the law that governs which deductions are allowed nor are they capable of knowing when something is incorrect on the return.  The IRS has increased penalties for incorrect returns that increase the liability an income tax preparer has and this further increases the need for quality federal income tax preparation.  Make sure that when you are paying someone to prepare your federal income tax return, that he or she is qualified to do so as it is the only way to know that your financial records will be presented properly.

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To land that perfect job in business, you have to be qualified.  You also have to be able to present yourself in a professional manner with dress, appearance, and actions.  You are your best asset and you are your best salesperson.  If you cannot make someone believe that you have the ability to help their company, why do they need you.  They don't, and you will get passed over for someone that better fits their needs.  A long look in the mirror finding your strengths, which everyone has, and stressing those, while minimizing blunders and weaknesses, is sure to impress your interviewer in this fast paced business world we live in today.  Happy job hunting.

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