This is a simple guide on how to start collecting baseball cards.  My baseball card collection began several years ago and I have added to it considerably including making a web site devoted to the hobby.  This article will explain necessary things to help you in card collecting.

Even before purchasing any cards, which by the way can be done by joining Ebay for free and finding great deals on there, you need to know how you will want to store them.  In older days, people would use rubber bands or other methods that did not protect the cards well.  Now, people are more aware that their collection needs to be in top condition in order to be worth the most.  The better condition the item is in, it is worth more than the same item in less condition.  That does not mean that cards in worse condition cannot be worth anything, so do not go throwing away old cards just because they are not in top shape.  But, that is for another article.  The top ways to store your collection are in binders, shoeboxes with the cards in sleeves and/or top loaders or screwdown holders, or in monster boxes.  Binders can be purchased from Ebay for offical card binders or at an office supply store and then you also need to purchase pages that hold 9 cards in each page, 18 if you use both the front and the back to store the cards.  Sleeves, or penny sleeves, are clear plastic soft holders to help protect cards.  Most modern cards have a sleeve and then are also placed in a top loader, which is a more durable slide in card holder.  Screwdown holders are a bit more expensive but offer more sturdy protection for your most valuable cards.

If you are ready with how you will store your baseball cards, now you can get to the fun part of choosing the cards to start collecting.  You can purchase single cards of your favorite players including first year cards (rookie cards) or just superstar cards in lots (a bunch of cards) of say Reggie Jackson if that is your favorite player.  You also can buy unopened boxes of packs and that makes for a lot of fun, you gather an instant collection and also have a chance at the best cards possible in the packs.  In newer packs, there are autographed cards, game worn jersey cards and much more.  In vintage cards (1980 and before) you can find cards in very good condition of hall of famers and those cards in great condition can be very valuable.  Grading card services that grade a vintage card gem mint, can increase the value of your collection tremendously if you have a card like that in your collection.

To keep it simple, I suggest the following.  Set out with a goal.  If it is a younger person, they need to learn first about the hobby and probably will be happy with whatever you get them.  You don't have to spend a lot of money, I say go for an unopened box for like $10 and also maybe a few cards of their favorite players for another $10.  For more sophisticated collectors and older ones, a box of the newest cards might be fun.  Maybe a $100 box of cards will provide autographs and game worn jersey cards that will get them excited about cards.  That being said, have fun shopping, here is a listing of current baseball cards on Ebay.

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