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    If you want to sell your baseball cards, it is very easy and can bring you in top dollar for your cards quickly. The first thing to do is get an idea as to how much your cards are worth. Then, scan pictures or take digital camera photos of your cards. Thirdly, list your cards on ebay after you have a seller account. Finally, when your auctions end, you bill the buyer and collect the money and securely ship items to your buyers.

    To find out how much your cards are worth, there are two basic ways. One is by using price guides. Beckett sports price guides and Tuff Stuff price guides are two major sources of price guides for cards and both have online subscriptions available. (Do a Google search for either of those terms) On the other hand, you can simply type in the card you have once you know what it is into an ebay search and check what they actually sell for. Once you are an ebay member, you can see completed auction prices. This will give you a general idea as far as how much to expect for your card. Card auctions depend on other factors as well so this by no means will guarantee you a certain amount for your baseball cards or sports cards.

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    Scanning or taking digital photos of your cards is the next step. You can picture them one by one or in groups depending on how you are selling them. Close up pictures that show the condition of the card are the best for the buyer, they like to see that. If you do not show a picture of your item, it almost guarantees that you will receive less for your cards. Uploading your pictures onto ebay is easy, and the listing software will prompt you on how to do it once you are listing cards. Help features are available if it is not clear but is fairly simple to figure out. Opening an account on ebay that gives you selling privledges is necessary to be able to sell on ebay (in addition to having a regular account that allows you to buy things). We have an ebay link on our homepage (the main page of this site) and also right below the last paragraph of this article that can take you to ebay if you would like.

    When your auctions end, ebay checkout will send an invoice to the buyer when you prompt it to. If you accept paypal through ebay, which is highly recommended, you can receive your payment instantly via online transfer. This is a preferred method of paying and receiving payment by many ebayers and is considered very safe as it is owned by ebay. You then must ship your cards in a timely manner in order to keep the buyer happy.

    There you have it, a quick summary of key things you need to know to sell your cards on ebay. Hopefully, this will help you get started if you have sports cards to sell.

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