Listed on this page are vintage goudey baseball cards.  These cards contain many different old baseball card items.  I can remember that Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig have cards in these years from the 1930's and 1940's.  Babe Ruth also has cards from the 1930's as well, these really are extremely valuable cards and the only ones that rival and can possibly do better than these are the 1909 T206 tobacco cards with the Honus Wagner card. 

Here is a bit about the cards.  They were issued before the modern era of cards such as Topps and Bowman.  They came out and continued to in the 1930's off and on according to the Beckett Plus Price Guide that I have here, though other years may exist that are not priced in this price guide.  They, like the old vintage cards of T206, have cards that are modeled after the originals.  Goudey baseball cards have modern day unopened boxes and sets as Upper Deck owns the Goudey name and purchased it along with Fleer and there is a 2008 Upper Deck Goudey baseball card set this year.

In conclusion, this is a big time group of cards.  It is not just one year of cards either, though the ones with Babe Ruth have to be the most valuable.  There are cards from this series, from Leaf and then Bowman and Topps came along in the 1950's.  These are some of the best vintage cards in existence and you can find some listed below currently for sale on Ebay that can give you a great Christmas present for the holidays.