Fleer Basketball Cards

***2015 Update - Fleer 1980s basketball cards keep increasing in value****Fleer basketball card values are determined by the cash value of the cards if you were to sell them today, and hopefully to the person who will give you the most amount of money for them. Since Fleer basketball cards' premier set in 1986-87 Fleer basketball, it has been clear that Fleer basketball card values are significant. It took awhile for 1986-87 Fleer basketball cards to catch on, but with the presence of a Michael Jordan rookie card, they took off in cash value and have not looked back.  That was the first series in Fleer basketball since the 1960's and it is one of the greatest basketball card sets produced.  It also has a Charles Barkley rookie and many others.  The thing that I like about that particular set is, in comparison to book values, you can get cash almost nearly equivalent to the exact value in the price guies for the cards a lot of times.   The demand for these cards, which were produced in limited quantities apparently, is usually brisk.  To register free for the sports card community here, please click here.  Doing so will give you a chance to get money for your Fleer basketball cards and maximize their value without having to spend any money to do so, as well is it also gives you a chance to spend time at a community focused on sports cards.

Fleer basketball card values, as far as the sets from the 1980's, consist of star cards and rookie cards.  Michael Jordan rookie cards from 1986-87 head the list, with his rookie card being worth upwards of $500 in highly graded condition.  This is one of the best if not the best basketball set ever produced.  It has many hall of fame rookie cards.  It is very highly valued and highly sought after.  If you look around enough, you can find unopened wax packs and unopened boxes and they bring top dollar, much more than any unopened box from any year in the 1980's.

Other rookie cards from 1986-87 Fleer that you can get cash for include Karl Malone, Akeem Olajuwon, Charles Barkley, Joe Dumars, Dominique Wilkins, Isiah Thomas, and many others.  Star cards include Julius Erving, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, George Gervin, along with other great players.  If you have a price guide or can look them up on Ebay completed auctions one you are a member, you can see that these cards routinely sell for a lot of money and there are many buyers out there for the limited amount of cards that are put for sale from time to time when available.

Rookies from 1987-88 Fleer include A.C. Green, Ron Harper, Detlef Schrempf, along with a second year card of Michael Jordan that is the most valuable card in the set.

Good luck in your card collections and if you have any 1986-87 Fleer cards you want to buy or sell, you can find out more throughout the article pages here.

Here is the great set that has Jordan's second year card - 1987-88 Fleer Basketball.

The 1988-89 Fleer Basketball set is a great one.  It is highly valued and limited.  It went up in value shortly after its release and features many great rookie and star cards.  It belongs in any collection.

Packs of this set cost about $20 each and boxes can sell for $400-$500+ depending on where you get it from and the condition of the packs and the box. 

Some of the rookie cards in the set are Reggie Miller, Scottie Pippen, John Stockton, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, Tyrone "Mugsy" Bogues, Mark Price.  There are also star cards of Michael Jordan (his third year card and as sought after as any rookie card in this set), Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.  There are also all star subset cards of those players as well and also sticker cards.

This article will just focus on Fleer basketball card values from the 1980's sets as this already covered a lot of ground.   More articles will be added in the near future.

This set is great to buy a wax box of if you can afford it.  Having a set put away for the future is ideal.  The links provide product listings of items currently on sale at Ebay.




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