This page in particular will feature a wide selection of Eli Manning autographed jersey items from Ebay auction listings. You can find many of his New York Giants jerseys autographed, and these collectors items from the NFL superstar and Super Bowl winner is a great addition to your football collection. There is also a selection of football cards on this page too, and his rookie card was in 2004 football card sets. Included on this website will be autographed jerseys from official game worn merchandise featuring players in basketball, baseball, football, and hockey, as well as authentic game worn jersey autographed cards from football and sports card manufacturers.  The football cards are certified authentic by the major card manufacturers when indicated, so that there is no confusion as to authenticity.  This site will be updated frequently and will strive to only contain merchandise authenticated and official by reputable sources including PSA, the card companies, BGS, NBA and Major League official game worn jerseys, and much more. Many times, rookie cards with authentic autogrpahs and pieces of game worn jerseys are available as well for modern superstars.

Eli Manning has enjoyed a superb career with the New York Giants, and his autographed football jerseys are a great Christmas gift (as are his 2004 rookie football cards). He is a great quarterback leading the New York Giants to many regular season victories as well as to the Super Bowl championship. He has already won a Super Bowl, and that often is difficult to obtain for teams, and there is plenty of time left in his career to win another title. This site has the best possible listings (located below) on many items because I personally believe that you should get the best possible deals when shopping by buying auction items at the best possible price. This autographed selection of jerseys listed below is updated regularly in real time, so please check back as often as need be to find that special memorabilia item. 

Regular authentic jerseys from the NBA, Major League Baseball, the NHL, and the NFL, all are great to have and wear even if they are not autographed.  An autographed official game worn jersey is fantastic.  One that was actually worn by a player in a game and then subsequently autographed and verified to be authentic is simply astounding!

Eli Manning is having a hall of fame career thus far, assuming he continues to play at such a high level for a few more years (the Super Bowl title always helps), and an autographed jersey and a rookie football card would be a great duo for holiday presents. Adding some of his other football cards to an autographed football and jersey collection would make your Eli Manning collection of memorabilia that much better

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If you are not a member of Ebay, please join for free and get great deals on jerseys and cards from baseball, basketball, football, and hockey.  When buying autographed game worn jersey cards, a common abbreviation for an autographed jersey in a listing is auto jsy.  Sellers use that to save space on the listing, and you can just read the detailed description to learn more on exactly what they have for sale.  I have been a member of Ebay for years and I certainly recommend it.

Here are Upper Deck Ultimate Collection items

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