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Donruss baseball cards are some of the best baseball cards in the world and started being produced in 1981 and had great years in 1984 and 1985 and also 1986.  1984 Donruss has Don Mattingly rookie cards, 1985 has Roger Clemens and Kirby Puckett and 1986 has Jose Canseco.  1987 Donruss has Greg Maddux and Barry Bonds along with a rated rookie of Mark McGwire (his Topps rc was 1985) and a rookie of Rafael Palmeiro.

1989 Donruss has Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio, Gary Sheffield, Curt Schilling and John Smoltz rookies. 

This set has three things going for it: an abundance of hall of famers, affordability and potential upside.
There are many hall of famers already in the hall that are stars in the set such as Nolan Ryan.  There also are rookie cards of players most likely or possibly headed to the hall of fame: Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, John Smoltz, Gary Sheffield, Craig Biggio and other semi good rookies.  This future hall of fame class provides you the opportunity to get a number of good rookie cards simply by buying one box (which can be purchased for $10-$15 or less on ebay or at an online baseball card store if you shop around)

The affordability is still high.  You can buy a rack case of the cards unopened and factory sealed for $50-$100.  Factory sets are still around $10 per set (not including shipping charges) and a good way to find them is at your local baseball card store so that you do not have to pay shipping.

The upside is grand.  Griffey still has an outside shot of breaking Bonds' homer record.  If he does, it will be big because there is no mention of his name in the steroid scandal.  Collectors have the potential to fully embrace this if he does and even if he does not, he already has 600+ homers and is starting to pick it up this season.  That does not even consider the other future hall of famers in the set.

For 1987 Donruss, I think this is a great set.  It has many rookies and future hall of famers.  Unopened boxes of these are very fun to go through. Besides the rookies, there are many hall of famers such as Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Ozzie Smith and many more.  Here is a rookie rundown.   Barry Bonds, Greg Maddux, Rafael Palmeiro, Bo Jackson, Kevin Brown, Bobby Witt, Wally Joyner, Ruben Sierra and more.  You can still purchase boxes of these cards for $25-$30 on ebay or from sports cards stores if you shop around for a good deal.  Also, if you purchase a rack case you can get an even cheaper cost per equivalent box of cards (around 540 cards per 36 pack regular box).  Factory and hand collated sets are nice too, I have put away a set or two myself for future value.  There also is  mark McGwire rated rookie card in the set, 1985 was his rookie year but this card in this set still books at about $8.  It is a winner and with the black borders, getting the cards in top condition is a chore.

Donruss has since been acquired by Panini, with new products coming out.  The older baseball cards from Donruss will remain classic vintage baseball cards for years to come.  As we are in the 2011 holiday shopping season, buying an unopened box of Donruss cards is a great idea.

The links on this page will take you to Ebay auctions that have many cards for sale.  I also have cards available on the home page of this website at full book value including complete sets and rookies and single cards.

1985 Donruss Baseball cards available currently on Ebay including sets, boxes, rookies and star cards.

My Baseball Card Space Cards

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