Donruss Baseball Cards

Donruss Americana celebrity trading cards are exceptional cards with a wide variety of Hollywood talent and they include highly sought after autographed and memorabilia cards of Hollywood legends.  An unopened hobby or retail box of Donruss Americana gives you a great opportunity to obtain some of these cards, as well as the base and parallel cards which can be quite valuable as well.  Typically, there are plenty of dual and triple memorabilia autographed and material cards available in boxes too, though those are not necessarily that easy to get.  That is what makes them so much more valuable than regular autographs and memorabilia cards.

To illustrate the value of these cards and what opening of box of them is like, here is a live box break of 2009 Donruss Americana celebrity trading cards.  This box has 5 packs with 4 cards per pack and it also included 4 autographs and/or memorabilia cards.  The box was loaded and also had some great insert and parallel cards.  It is a great example of how much value you can find in each box.

To view the video, you must register at our baseball card community, which is free.  The link right above is where the video is.  Also for your convenience, listed below are Donruss Americana cards currently for sale.  Hopefully you get a great deal. 

Here are some of the cards I got in the box.  (listed out here just typed, to see pictures, check out the video)

An autographed memorabilia card of Deborah Shelton, and one of Sofia Milos as well.

An Alan Ladd Hollywood Legends Silver Screen parallel material card.

A triple memorabilia card from the movie "The Night of the Hunter"

Two rare platinum parallel cards serial numbered out of 10, I do not have them in front of me so I cannot remember who they are from.  I was just looking through my cards recently and noticed that I have many more of the Donruss Americana cards including a few of the Ultimate Warrior.

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