Don Mattingly rookie cards from 1984 topps are valuable investments to have in your baseball card collection.  He is one of the greatest rookie cards to have along with John Elway from this era as he an Dan Marino have rookie cards in Topps Football from 1984.

Listed on this page you will find many of his rookies currently listed on Ebay.  Make a great choice and with the large selection of similar items, you are assured to have a great opportunity to find one at a great price that is exactly what you are searching for.  the 1984 Topps baseball card set has many hall of fame cards and the rookies include Don Mattingly and Darryl Strawberry and that makes it one that is highly sought after by collectors.  Unopened boxes and packs are great for the serious collector.  Unopened rack boxes of 1984 Topps baseball are likely to include Don Mattingly rookies and are relatively affordable when compared to other rack boxes of this era.

Don Mattingly was a New York Yankee legend and was very popular and well known.  He was a great player and former all star on what is arguably the most famous baseball team in the world.  It is paramount for a card collection to have his cards and the rookie can do wonders for your collection and make it an incredible one.  Happy shopping.