This article presents DeMarcus Cousins autographs of the likely number 5 overall selection in the NBA Draft of 2010 on Thursday. Here you can find an DeMarcus Cousins autograph including basketball rookie year cards, authentic (of the Sacramento Kings if he is drafted by them) and replica jerseys, and official NBA hats, as well as collectibles from the NBA Draft and the rookie photo shoot. There will also be autographed 8x10 photos as available.

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The Elite basketball cards of DeMarcus Cousins are great finds. Serial numbered insert cards of DeMarcus Cousins from Spectra are great too. You can find real-time listings here of awesome 2010-11 basketball cards including rookie baseball cards of DeMarcus Cousins as well.

Get the rookie and autographed basketball cards of DeMarcus Cousins here, and you will find all of the cards from Panini and Upper Deck basketball cards sets from 2010-11. The final production of DeMarcus Cousins rookie cards focused on Donruss Rated Rookie cards and a lot of Panini Ones. Upper Deck World of Sports has a DeMarcus Cousins autograph that is about $10. The basketball card sets that should be available include: Panini Prestige, Upper Deck Draft Edition basketball (never produced, a shame too as I was looking forward to it), Panini Rookies and Stars, Panini Elite, Ultimate Collection, Exquisite Collection, Panini Certified, Panini Studio, Panini Absolute Memorabilia, Panini Timeless Treasures, as well as many others. There are rare parallel autographs in the 2010-11 Upper Deck Draft Edition including gold parallel autographs out of 199, and the green parallel set has only 5 autographed cards of each one in that parallel card set. The blue parallel autographs are serial numbered out of 25 and they are an awesome insert card set. The Legends autograph gold parallel autographs from 2010-11 Upper Deck Draft Edition are numbered up to 49 and it is not yet known who will be included in the card set.

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