Dan Marino rookie cards from 1984 topps are valuable investments to have in your football card collection.  He is one of the greatest rookie cards to have along with John Elway from this era.

Listed on this page will be a presentation of different links to help you find the specific Dan Marino football cards that you are looking for. The rookie football card of Dan Marino from 1984 Topps football cards, #123 in the card set, is highly sought after. There is also an instant replay card in the set, #124 in the set. These are fabulous cards for your football card collection.

Dan Marino Autograph    Dan Marino Rookie     Dan Marino Rookie Cards

Dan Marino Topps Autograph   Dan Marino 1985 Topps

Dan Marino was one of the best to play the game in some people's opinion.  Find Dan Marino football cards here.  For more football cards, please visit the home page of football card and you can find many awesome rookie cards from Topps.