Dan Marino autographed football cards are discussed here, and he has many high end autographs in sets such as Ultimate Collection football cards as well as probably in Donruss Classics, and other mid to high end card sets.  He is one of the greatest autographed football cards and rookies to have along with John Elway from this era.  Another great autograph to obtain of Dan Marino are ones from Ultimate Collection and ones from Exquisite, if available.  Ultimate Collection autographs of Dan Marino can be quite expensive and valuable, with low serial numbered ones possibly selling for upwards of $300.  If you can find a dual autograph of Dan Marino with other greats such as Joe Montana or John Elway, this makes the card even more valuable.

Listed on this page you will find any and all current football cards that contain an autograph of Dan Marino, including rare multi color game worn patch cards that also contain an autograph.  Unopened boxes and packs are great for the serious collector as you can find many autographs per pack/box.  My Baseball Card Space loves to give you the opportunity to obtain your favorite rookie and autographed cards.

Dan Marino was one of the best to play the game in some people's opinion.  It is paramount for a card collection to have his cards and the rookie can do wonders for your collection and make it an incredible one.  Happy shopping.  For more football cards, please visit the home page of football card and you can find many awesome rookie cards from Topps.