This article presents a wide selection of Cal Ripken Jr. rookie Fleer baseball cards from 1982. A Cal Ripken 1982 Fleer rookie baseball card is a great addition to your baseball card collection.

Listed in real time below are rookie cards of Cal Ripken. In 1982, his Fleer rookie card is #176 in the set. I see right now that there are many great deals on his 1982 Fleer rookie cards, #176 in the set. These include the rookie cards that are ungraded for about $10 each if you get lucky. This is a great deal and the temporary tough economy is making it easy for you to own one of these magnificent cards at such a low price. In my opinion, the 1982 Fleer rookie card of Cal Ripken Jr. can easily skyrocket back to $20 or $30 once the economy picks up. Buying unopened boxes and complete sets of 1982 Fleer baseball are also great ideas. This article was written by the site owner and administrator of  My Baseball Card Space