This is a Bryce Harper rookie card value article including Bowman Chrome rookie cards, Topps and Upper Deck and variation Bryce Harper rookie cards. Bryce Harper has taken the baseball card hobby market by storm.  He is one of the most famous sports rookie cards to have along with Dan Marino from the 1980's through the current era.

He is one of today's mega stars and is a superstar in the minds of every baseball fan.

****5/17/15 update In 2015, his cards are up even more than they were at the original time of this article.*** Bowman Chrome USA rookie cards of Bryce Harper have a value of $60-$65 currently on Ebay as of the time this article was written.  You can find Bryce Harper rookie cards listed on this page at their current Ebay market value - a great way to know what the card is worth in cash today.