Listed on this page are Bowman vintage cards from old baseball card and football cards collections.  These cards contain the vintage baseball cards such as 1951 Bowman baseball Mickey Mantle rookie cards and the 1951 Bowman Willie Mays rookie.  These are incredible cards and in the case of baseball cards, Bowman is similar in stature to the Topps cards of the 1950's as well as with the T206 vintage and Leaf and Goudey baseball cards as well.  What Topps and, specifically, Bowman have in addition to that is that there are football cards from the era as well.  Bowman even has one more additional sports - basketball, and the 1948 Bowman basketball cards have George Mikan rookies.  Wow! 

I will highlight some of my favorite vintage cards out of these three sports.  I have some older Beckett Plus Price guides here to help me find the cards that are my favorites as I do not have any of these in my collection yet.  Graded versions of these command premium prices.  The 1948 Bowman George Mikan rookie would have to be my favorite out of the non baseball cards.  I may even like that better than the baseball ones, that is one heck of a card and I can't imagine that they would print more of those than of the baseball cards of the era.  It may in fact be rarer than the other sports as basketball was only a 36 card set in 1948.  1950 Bowman football has an Otto Graham rookie, that is an OK card but I do not remember anything about his playing career.  The 1951 Bowman Tom Landry rookie is an awesome card, he is a legendary Dallas Cowboys head coach and probably is more popular for his days as a coach.  In baseball, nothing can top the Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays rookies in my opinion.

In conclusion, this is a big time group of cards.  It is not just one year of cards either, or one sport.  There are cards from this series, from Leaf and then Bowman and Topps came along in the 1950's.  These are some of the best vintage baseball, football, and basketball cards in existence and you can find some listed below currently for sale on Ebay that can give you a great Christmas present for the holidays.