This article will talk about Bowman Baseball cards, or the Bowman Set as they are called on the boxes for a specific year, and from when they started in the 1950's up until modern years started in the 1980's in 1989..  The 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie card is the most famous Bowman card from the 1950's, and after the 1950's Bowman did not produce cards again until the 1980's.

In the 1980's, Bowmab Baseball cards were once again produced.  They were again produced in 1989, starting with the 1989 Bowman set which included oversize cards to commemorate the cards of the 1950's.  These cards are slightly bigger than most Topps cards.  The 1989 Bowman cards have a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, and that is a great investment in my opinion as he is a future hall of famer.

Bowman baseball cards are still produced to this day and include many rookie cards, autographed cards, game worn jersey cards, and much more.  The cards are known for having many rookie cards, as Bowman calls itself "The Home of the Rookie Card."  That title is meaningful because in current years' cards of Bowman, there is the regular Bowman set and then there are the Bowman Draft Picks cards.  There are literally hundreds of rookie cards produced each year.  It is great to find all of the best up and coming players in the cards. 

Vintage Bowman baseball cards from the 1950's are great and I have a few commons in my collection.  There were color photos and black and white photos on the cards as well, and they are usually slightly more affordable than Topps baseball cards from the 1950's.

Modern Bowman baseball cards are a superb series of cards from both vintage and current years and contain many current stars, hall of famers, rookie cards, and future hall of famers.

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