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Trading baseball cards offers an alternative to buying and selling as you can barter with exiting cards in your collection.  Here at   we provide a free baseball card community so that you can buy, sell, and trade cards with the other members of the site.  Also, as you can see in the news feed above, there are many detailed articles discussing various aspects of sports cards along with pages dedicted to some of the best baseball and sports cards ever made.

At the forum of our web site, which is available at   here is an excerpt from the trading board, which is the official spot of the site where you can list your cards for trade. 

I am going to be posting on this specific thread as far as answering your questions about the hobby and about cards in general, but I hope that many of you participate as well as this is for all of the 200+ members to chime in and discuss cards and I hope that all of you being buying, selling, and trading with each other.  I don't charge site members anything to do that, so please take full advantage of the site for that purpose.  Post your topics, let's get some discussion going. 

It is continued here and this is where to find trading partners at the site

On January 26, 2009, here is what Biggio007 posted in regards to cards he had available for trade.  "i have a franchise ud rookie combo of richard choice and mcfadden
only for trade because i understand that the rules of my baseball card space do not allow me to sell cards because only the admin is allowed to sell cards on here unless they are cards that i bought from him.
Rocco Baldelli GU CARD for trade.

i like to trade only, maybe, if the deal is right.  i do not wish to sell my cards so please do not ask."

On the weekends, I typically try to encourage everyone to come visit the site with site emails, and with 245 members at the site, it is a great way to get your sports cards noticed.

This weekend on Saturday morning from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m Pacific Standard time, there will be an official meet and greet weekend in the chat room where all of you can buy, sell, trade, or just talk about sports cards.  You can post your pictures on the site before Saturday and that way they will be approved by the day of the meet, and you can get ready to meet all of the site members.

This benefits you because you can trade free with the people and learn more about cards.  You can tell all of your sports card trading buddies to sign up as well and meet them there to chat and work on some trades, or try to sell your cards for a few extra dollars.  If anyone is interested in buying cards, this is the place to be.  I am sending this email to all of the members on the mailing list, so everyone that is reading this please remember that about 200 people are as well and all can log into the site.

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